who we really are

Plan Be: A rambunctious rowdy band… un-house-broken… take regular vacations with no signs of decreased stress, prompting them to send pulsating uncontrolled sounds of rhythmic blasphemy - simply put, music from the other side of the fence. Music that will disturb your neighbors yet somehow keep you captivated.

Lead singer, guitar player and songwriter, Jeff Gordon, is often found wandering the streets at night, with a puzzled look on his face. 

Mike Dion, drummer and vocalist, likes to practice by hitting his fists against the wall… 

While Jeff Davis, bassist and vocalist, is busy speaking about the inner workings of electronic wires. 

Jordan Breslow, lead guitarist, and resident sharp shooter, is busy changing his strings on a daily basis, and then finding odd ways to de-tune. 

Sharon Sofia, pioneering electric flautist, keyboardist and vocalist... and elected band therapist, is often seen on the side of the room having conversations with herself. 

Collectively, they make for an entertaining lot simply by just gathering in a room. Put musical instruments in their hands, and the insane asylum becomes sedated with a lustful vengeance. The band is in top form now, just coming off our brief and wonderful East Bay Padded Cell Tour. Be sure to catch our set and judge for yourself. An experience you won't soon forget.

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